STCW Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (CMHB)


STCW Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (CMHB)

Designed for seafarers that have the responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations


During this course you will learn:

  • Importance of ship board emergency procedures and how to organise them
  • How to control the response to emergencies on board
  • How to control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations
  • How to establish and maintain effective communications during emergency situations

There will be a short assessment at the end of the course to ensure knowledge and understanding.  Resits are permitted


There are no pre-requisites for entry onto this course.


Those that successful complete will be issued with a Certificate of Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behaviour; Regulation V/2, paragraph 6 and section A-V/2, paragraph 3 of the STCW Convention & Code 1978 as amended.