Our Partners

Our Partners

The Maritime Skills Academy compliments its professionalism and high standards by partnering with only the best specialist training companies around the globe.

We strive to give operators and delegates the highest standards of training in the maritime industry. Partnering with specialist providers, we can bring expert knowledge and dedicated instructors to our training. 

The Exclusive Butler School is passionate about providing the very best training to the next generation of aspiring Butlers, as well as improving the skills of those currently working in the hospitality industry. www.exclusivebutlerschool.com 

Guardian Training (HART) is the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention partner. With design, manufacturing, height safety training and engineered system experts across North America and the UK, it serves partners around the globe with a 360-degree height safety offer. www.h-a-r-t.co.uk

Isca Wellbeing provides mental health training and support solutions for seafarers, shipping companies and the maritime industry. They are experienced mental health trainers, using their knowledge to provide tailored mental health services to the maritime industry. www.isca-wellbeing.com

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Part of our successful approach is understanding how each company has slightly different requirements, and we take the time and trouble to discuss each client’s exact needs, to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality and value.