The MSA Receives Grant from the NSTT

The MSA Receives Grant from the NSTT

We are delighted to announce that we have received a grant from the National Sea Training Trust (NSTT).

With the assistance of beneficiaries, the MSA Dover have joined with the Local FE college to offer the SQA course of Able Seafarer (Engine Room).

This is currently in its second year and is run as an entry course to the Merchant Navy Apprenticeship for Ratings. We have had success with the 1st course nearly half the course have entered the Merchant Navy as Apprentices. Others were then able to apply for Cadetships and some joined the RN.

This means that we are now also on-track to enter the growing area of apprenticeships for MN ratings.

We have also been growing the number of staff available and are working toward repeating the “engineering” example with a pathway for students wishing to follow the Able Seafarer (Deck) route.

A grant from the NSTT would enable us to work with the local FE college (who are a registered Charity) to put in place the resources necessary to give the same opportunity to young people, from the local area, who wish to follow the seamanship route.