Marella Cadets attend Course at MSA

Marella Cadets attend Course at MSA

Marella Cruises Engine Cadets complete 5-day Engine Resource Management 1 (ERM1) Course

Congratulations to Michael Stephens (Phase 3, SPD Engine Cadet, CGC, Marella Cruises) and Connor Stamp (Phase 1, Grad Engine Cadet, STC, Marella Cruises), both Marella Cruises Engine Cadets that have recently completed their 5-day Engine Resource Management 1 course (ERM1) at our MSA centre in Portsmouth.

This course promotes best practice in resource management by using all available human, informational and equipment resources toward the goal of safe and efficient operations, and to enhance and encourage a systematic approach to the management of engine room systems and operations through practice.

This course is usually only offered to qualified Engine Officers, so it was a real treat for the cadets to gain this qualification so early on in their maritime careers. 

A big thank you to Marella Cruises and COLUMBIA Cruise Services for coordinating this fantastic opportunity. If you’re interested in becoming a Cadet, please visit the Chiltern Maritime website.

If you are interested in this or any other simulation courses, please visit our simulation course page here.