How Viking Maritime has upskilled it’s staff during lockdown

How Viking Maritime has upskilled it’s staff during lockdown

Due to the nature of our usually busy lives and hectic work schedules sometimes important tasks can be overlooked or pushed to the bottom of our “to do lists” unintentionally.

Back in March, along with the rest of the world we found ourselves in unknown territory when it was announced that due to COVID 19 our Viking Maritime businesses would have to adapt to a new way of functioning without any indication of when life would return back to normal.

We decided that as a company we would use this time productively by investing in staff training.

Ken Hickling, our Viking Maritime Group Non-Executive Director has been running remote training sessions for 5 weeks now and they are available to all staff members.

The training sessions range from basic time management to GDPR to Excel masterclasses.

The sessions have been well received by our teams as a way of continuing staff engagement and personal development during these challenging times we find ourselves in.

Due to the positive feedback we have received, we have decided that moving forward, these training sessions will form a part of our induction for all new employees as well as becoming part of all employee’s career paths with the Viking Maritime Group in the future.