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STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)

This course is designed for experience seafarers who already hold their Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting certificate This course is for Group Bookings only

STCW Basic Safety Training (BST)

This Basic STCW course meets the minimum requirements for seafarers or those wishing to join the industry.

STCW Basic Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF Code (IGFB)

Designed for officers and ratings who are responsible for designated safety duties associated with the care, use or in emergency response to the fuel on board ships subject to the IGF Code.

STCW Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (CMHB)

Designed for seafarers that have the responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations

STCW Crowd Management (CM)

To give those personnel designated on muster lists training to assist passengers in emergency situations.

STCW Designated Security Duties (DSD)

To give those undertaking designated security duties on board ship the essential education and training.

STCW Elementary First Aid (EFA)

This course forms part of the mandatory Basic Safety Training (BST) Course, however can be undertaken on its own.

STCW Entry into Enclosed Spaces (ENTR)

For people engaged onboard Merchant Ships who must make entry into enclosed spaces.

STCW Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)

Designed for seafarers who are required to take charge of a fast rescue boat

STCW Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF)

This course forms part of the mandatory 'Basic Safety Training' course, however can be undertaken on its own.