These courses will help you get a dream job on a yacht

These courses will help you get a dream job on a yacht

Do you ever wonder how to get a job on a yacht? Our team often get asked by people who want to get into yachting what courses should they take to work on a yacht? 

In many cases, they may have heard from friends that this is a great industry to be in, that it pays well, and you get to travel the world. Who wouldn’t want an experience like that?  

Even though there are a lot of information you can find online, some of them may not reflect the complete reality of this career. Online resources and TV programmes like “Below Deck” may give a few insights on how life is working at sea but, some are made to be controversial for reality TV purposes, rather than truly indicate the real experience of working on a yacht.  

Here at Maritime Skills Academy, we can offer you expert advice from a group of industry specialists that have worked on a yacht before. They will be able to give you the best guide for your professional route. Furthermore, they will help you prepare your skills to last a lifetime, even if you happen to decide to leave the yachting industry and work in hospitality instead. 

Below you will find some of the courses that we recommend. They will put you in a good starting position and prepare you with all the essentials skills in safety and awareness that you will need. 

The 4 Part STCW Basic Safety course is the first start for all crew. This course is broken down into 4 parts and provide the key safety training that everyone must have to work on any type of yacht or ship. The 4 courses are STCW, Personal Survival Techniques, Elementary First AidPersonal Safety and Social ResponsibilitiesFire Prevention and Firefighting.  

All of these safety courses may sound a little daunting at first but here at The Maritime Skills Academy, we help each and everyone throughout their journey. Our courses are fun, professional and we give the best insights to what it’s really like to work on a yacht.  

All of these courses are mandatory and required for everyone willing to start their career in yachting. 

We also offer all of the additional training you will need for the department you would like to work in. In Yachting, here is Deck, Engine and Interior Departments. 

If you’re willing to work in the Deck Department, the courses to take will be Fast Rescue Boat, Power Boat Level 2 and VHF radio.  

For Engine department, you will also need MCA Approved AEC part 1&2 – these courses provide general care and maintenance knowledge to keep engines on smaller vessels in good operational order.  

If you’re aiming to go into Interior Department and you already come from the hospitality sector then you will already have a great head start and knowledge, however, working on a yacht can be very different. The GUEST accredited Stewardess introduction course is the perfect training and it is taught by industry experts with hands-on experience of working onboard superyachts, in luxury chalets, villas and prestigious estates. The expertise you will gain from these experienced professionals will allow you to emerge with newfound confidence and the exceptional skills necessary to deliver outstanding service. 

Once you have done these courses, you can start exploring what position you would like to start with. Our expert team of recruiters at Viking Crew are always happy to offer you the best advice on how to build you CV and find the best positions for your experience. You can check the latest jobs here

The facilities at the MSA are some of the best in the world and we provide a great realistic training environment for students. You can check out the videos here

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