NAPA Ship Stability Training Course


NAPA Ship Stability Training Course

Our NAPA accredited course offers a comprehensive package of learning on ship stability. Taught by expertise instructors, the course provides the importance of understanding of basic stability, operations in port, cargo planning, surveys and casualty investigations, ships calculations and specific issues around stability.


This course is targeted to deepen the theoretical knowledge of intact stability, damage stability, stress, dynamical stability and knowledge of all facilities in onboard-NAPA and proficiency in how to use them including:

  • - The GZ-curve, stability in heeled condition
  • - Free surfaces
  • - Stability criteria, GM/KG requirements
  • - Probabilistic damage stability calculation method according to SOLAS II-1.
  • - Damage control concepts


Please note this is a 3 day course with 1 day as e-learning & 2 days at the training centre.