Operational Fire Fighting Training Course (OPFF)


Operational Fire Fighting Training Course (OPFF)

Operational Fire Fighting Training session that is completely tailored to incorporate relevant company policies and procedures. This can take place in Dover, Gibraltar, Philippines, onboard or a location/training centre to be agreed. Full consultation to understand company procedures will take place prior to training.


The emphasis in understanding the core training focus is key, which gets discussed during the consultation phase, prior to any training commencement. This will be done in collaboration with our expert instructors, so the aims and objectives are met.  

We focus on any procedures, areas of improvement, or concern, however, the specific training that will take place will cover:

  • Effective search and rescue techniques
  • Hose handling including stairs and ladders, rigging in a hot smoky environment
  • Safe use on entry control board
  • Safe casualty handling
  • Organise and command fire parties
  • Effective briefing and debriefing in an emergency
  • Adaptable training environment
  • Safety Management System to reality training

As an example, our 5-day course will start with the fundamental elements of firefighting and escalate throughout the session focusing on command and control, decision making, and excellent teamwork. 

The MSA training facility in Dover is a multiple purpose centre with a well-designed and professional training environment for crew from across all shipping sectors.   

  • 3 deck multi compartment fire house, with 11 zones all interconnected by a variety of doors, vertical ladders and two internal staircases.
  • CCTV within the compartments (including Damage Control module) that can be monitored from the command-and-control module.
  • Rescue stops are located at the vertical ladders to assist with casualty extrication.
  • Multiple casualties ranging in size and weight.
  • Speakers to replicate casualties crying and screaming.
  • Full helicopter training set up used with a remote gas fire rig.
  • Full set of resus Anne manakins to evolve the situation to medical care.
  • 12 full sets of Scott SCBA with 200 bar cylinders.
  • Use of your own fire training equipment is possible.


Be at least 16 years of age.

This course will be physically demanding and therefore you will be required to complete a fitness declaration

You will be required to wear Self Contained Breathing Apparatus which weighs 18kg.

Special Requirements

Boiler suits & boots will be provided, but we recommend that you wear appropriate clothing underneath which will not suffer from the taint of smoke, thick socks are also advisable. PPE will be provided. If you wear glasses you will need to remove these, therefore contact lenses are advisable. Please remove all jewellery. Lockers for personal effects are provided and showers are available if needed, but you will be required to bring your own towel.


Depending on requirements, a STCW Advanced Fire Fighting certificate can be issued or a Operational Fire Fighting Certificate of attendance. This will be discussed at consultation.