Tug Simulator (TUGS)


Tug Simulator (TUGS)

A 360 degree full mission tug simulator, complete with Rolls Royce controls and electronics and genuine Damen hardware winch controls. Client Bookings & rental options available.


Our fully integrated 360 tug simulator has realistic simulator visualisation and supports different types of training in:

  • Offshore tugging and towing
  • Ship assistance work
  • High speed escort work
  • Operating various anchor equipment
  • Oil rig and platform moves
  • Integrated tug master and pilot training


All types of tugboats are simulated, including conventional single-screw tugs, conventional twin-screw tugs, cycloid-drive (Voith-Schneider) tractor tugs and Z-drive reverse tractor drive.

Training courses can include:

  • Module 1 – ASD/ATD Tug Handling
  • Module 2 – Undertaking Harbour Towage
  • Module 3 – Active Escort & Dynamic Ship Assist
  • Pilot Azimuth Propulsion course
  • Effective Use of Tugs for Marine Pilots

 The state-of-the-art simulator set up includes:

  • 360° vision via 44 LED screens
  • 31 computers
  • Rolls Royce controls and electronics
  • ASD/ATD/CTS/VSP controls
  • Genuine Damen hardware winch controls.


Working closely in partnership with Wartsila, hydrodynamic modelling accurately replicates the dynamic interaction between the ship and the tug to further enhance the realism and user experience.