Maritime Damage Control Training Course (DC)


Maritime Damage Control Training Course (DC)

The UK’s first commercially operated damage control module for the shipping industry. The module has been specifically designed to provide crew with a real life experience, with sufficient water flow and pressures, whilst in a safe training environment. This is used in conjunction with the command and safety centre with full CCTV in operation throughout.


The aim of the course is to replicate and mirror onboard ship scenarios that are the result of flooding throughout compartments onboard a vessel. These would include pipe ruptures, hull cracks, buckled hatches, bilge pipe failures and penetrating holes. This is taught through a number of practical exercises, but also through theory-based classroom work. This includes containment and stability management, providing delegates with sound knowledge of damage control.

Delegates will have to use a variety of shoring, bracing, and patches to effect emergency repairs on the hull plating. The delegates will also have to properly install jubilee pipe patches, plugs, and even alternative patching and improvised patching material. Students will also have to employ dewatering pumps and educators to control the water level in the unit whilst they conduct repairs.

Use of Paratech Damage Control System (DCS)  is operational at the module. Please click here to see more: This equipment brings maritime damage control shoring in to the 21st Century. Speed, strength, flexibility and capability are the hallmarks of this system and is the leading shoring equipment in the world.

Exercises can be tailored to the specific operating procedures of the shipping company, making the experience replicate what the crew would find onboard ship.

The props with the training module comprise of:

  • Buckle hatch flooding
  • Horizontal tear in the hull plating
  • Diagonal to Vertical tear in the hull plating
  • Hull breach (hole) with an inward distortion of the hull plating
  • Pipe Ruptures


A good level of fitness is required and delegates will be required to complete a fitness declaration.

Special Requirements

PPE will be provided.

A towel is recommend as showers are available to use.



Certificates can be issued.