Ship Handling (Conventional or Podded Propulsion) (SHPP)


Ship Handling (Conventional or Podded Propulsion) (SHPP)

This 3-day course provides practical ship handling training using Conventional/Podded Propulsion during vessel operations under standard conditions.


Safe and effective ship handling depends on many factors, including the following:


  • a vessel’s manoeuvring characteristics (e.g. rate of turn, pivot point, turning circle)
  • environmental conditions (e.g. wind, current, visibility)
  • voyage conditions (e.g. proximity to land, port restrictions and narrow channels, shallow water, vessel squat, interaction)
  • human factors (experience and skill of individual ship operators, operational awareness, behaviour under stressful conditions)


Our highly experienced instructors provide all the necessary underpinning knowledge before delegates practice a range of operational exercises in the full-mission Bridge simulator to both reinforce the theory elements and gain valuable ship handling experience. These simulation exercises use realistic, tested scenarios to optimise the development of delegates’ ship handling ability under standard voyage conditions.


This training programme can be developed in conjunction with clients to provide a more company-orientated course experience, utilising corporate documentation and procedures. This may be further supported by using specific ship or port models, or by constructing appropriate exercises or circumstances.