STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course (AFF)


STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course (AFF)

This course is designed for experience seafarers who already hold their Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting certificate This course is for Group Bookings only.


The 4 day course will be a mixture of theory and practical sessions which will cover the following:

  • Principles involved in controlling fire fighting operations on board a vessel
  • Control of fire fighting operation aboard ship
  • Organising and training fire parties
  • Inspection and service of fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment
  • Fire investigation and reporting

Practical session will include:

  • - Initial actions to take upon discovering a fire
  • - Correctly use of portable fire extinguishers on appropriate fire types
  • - Correctly and safely use a fire blanket including its use for PPE 
  • - Correctly use hoses, nozzles and hose equipment
  • - Cold smoke wear in full PPE and SCBA (18kg)
  • - Multiple hot live fire wear in full PPE and SCBA (18kg)
  • - Casualty rescue techniques (35kg)
  • - Evacuation techniques in reduced visibility
  • - Use of stairs and ladders in full PPE and SCBA (18kg) in hot/smoky environment 
  • - Command and Control


  • - Be at least 18 years of age
  • - Hold a Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Certificate
  • - During the practical element of this course you will be required to wear Self Contained Breathing Apparatus which weighs 18kg in multiple realistic hot fire conditions and be able to demonstrate casualty rescue with a dummy that weighs 35kg and safe movement procedures utilising stairs and ladders. Failure to complete the practical elements of the course will be deemed as a course failure.  Should you have any injuries that you feel may prevent you from completing the practical elements of the course,  it is advisable to rebook at later date once you are fit and well.
  • NOTE: Due to the physically demanding nature of this course, you will be required to complete a Fitness Declaration form on the day to make us aware of any medical issues, injuries or disabilities.  This form will be shared with the trainers for awareness. If you have any concerns regarding fitness please contact us to discuss further.

Special Requirements

Boiler suits & boots will be provided, but we recommend that you wear appropriate clothing underneath which will not suffer from the taint of smoke, thick socks are also advisable. PPE will be provided. If you wear glasses you will need to remove these, therefore contact lenses are advisable. Please remove all jewellery. Lockers for personal effects are provided and showers are available if needed, but you will be required to bring your own towel.