STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB)


STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB)

Designed to give those that are required to take charge of a survival craft or a rescue boat (other than fast rescue boats) in emergency situations the essential training and knowledge.


This 5 day course will incorporate theory and practical "on the water" sessions and will cover the following:

  • - Taking charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launch
  • - Operate a survival craft engine
  • - Manage survivors and survival craft after abandoning ship
  • - Use locating devices including communicating and signalling apparatus and pyrotechnics
  • - Applying first aid to survivors

The practical elements will include demonstrations of the following:

  • - taking charge of launching and boarding survival craft
  • - how to conduct prestart preparations and checks
  • - how to start survival craft engines
  • - how to handle survival craft and describe the actions to be taken in a survival craft until rescued 
  • - safe use of equipment required in the event of engine failure, this includes rowing
  • - the actions taken to maximise detectability and location of survival craft
  • - the use of rescue boats and lifeboats for marshalling life rafts and rescue of survivors and persons from the sea including various aids to recover casualties; ladders, stretchers, lifting devices etc
  • - the management of injured persons 


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a Personal Survival Techniques (PST) certificate
  • 6 months sea-time*

*For those that do not have 6 months, the course can be taken, but the certificate will not be awarded until proof of completion of six months sea service has been provided

NOTE: Due to the physically demanding nature of this course you will be required to complete a Fitness Declaration form on the day to make us aware of any medical issues, injuries or disabilities.  This form will be shared with the trainers for awareness.  If you have any concerns regarding fitness please contact us to discuss further. 


Delegates will be required to complete a short exam and complete the practical exercises in order to be issued with an MCA approved STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats' Regulation VI/2, paragraph 1 and Section A-VI/2, paragraphs 1 to 4 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.

Special Requirements

PPE will be provided.  We recommend that you wear clothing suitable for waterborne exercises (i.e. warm layers) relevant to the prevailing conditions.  For warmer weather it is recommended that bring with you some sunscreen.