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Meet the Chairman & Directors

The maritime industry has now entered the 21st century and Viking has positioned itself to be one of the leading players in the source & selection and Crew management of Deck and Technical Officers and Hospitality / Guest Services professionals.

As training of Officers and Crew plays a vital part to the maritime industry, Viking has created its new training division The Maritime Skills Academy.

The Directors are continually at the forefront of maritime regulations and Viking exists primarily to meet the needs and demands of the industry worldwide. We are committed to excellence and customer service, and are justifiably proud of our reputation as a consistently dependable source of quality individuals to the marine sector.

The commitment to excellence was originally endorsed by our approval by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance with a Quality Management System Standard for "The provision of crew management incorporating recruitment, training and travel services to the merchant navy, for officers, cadets and other supporting marine personnel incorporating the requirements of the International Labour Organisation's Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006). Our attainment of the latest certificate of approval reference BS EN ISO 9001:2008 is an achievement which few companies in similar areas of business have been awarded.

By being active members of the UK Chamber of Shipping and other progressive maritime organisations, including the ISS, IAMI and Superyacht UK to name a few, ensures Viking is constantly involved at the forefront of marine affairs.

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