Firefighting Training

ISO 9001 & MCA approved

The Maritime Skills Academy – Fire Courses

In accordance with the latest STCW 2010, we offer the following sea going fire related courses:

  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Updating Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Updating Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Fire Team Training

We also offer Commercial fire fighting course for industry related businesses.

  • Fire Team Leader
  • Initial Breathing Apparatus Training
  • Breathing Apparatus Refresher Training
  • Flashover & Backdraft Training

 Our dedicated Fire Training Centre is onsite at the MSA and is taught by our expert in-house trainers.

Course can also be run off site depending on clients needs.

Bring the training to your doorstep

Our trainers can provide leading classroom training anywhere in the world.

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