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Becoming a Yacht engineer with an MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC)

Becoming a Yacht engineer with an MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC)

2 Apr 2018


The  Approved Engine Course is an excellent course for many different sectors of the maritime industry. Whether you are a private boat owner and wish to have a better understanding of the working of your engine and the maintenance it may require, or you’re a workboat skipper or crew and require the course to sail as mechanic, or even if you wish to start an engineering career on a luxury private or commercial yacht, then this four day course will give you the skills and knowledge required.

The course will enable all delegates to understand the operation of a marine diesel engine and its component parts, highlight or recognise any faults that may be developing, and provide the ability to rectify any faults and maintain the engine to avoid faults occurring. As each system and process is discussed and explained delegates will get hands-on experience with the associated parts, as well as fault finding practice. You will experience worn and damaged parts highlighting potential faults, new and quality parts to fit and also work on running marine diesel engines using a range of tools that would commonly be at your disposal.

For the leisure boat owner, this course would be a wise investment. Enabling a sailboat or motor cruiser owner to conduct their engine servicing and maintenance could potentially save the individual thousands over the lifetime of the boat. If a fault can be identified before it becomes catastrophic for the engine or boat, then the savings are enormous.

Small workboats and wind farm crew transfer vessels have a requirement to carry at least one crew member with experience of the vessel’s main propulsion system and have received adequate training in its maintenance. This course will cover that requirement so whether a delegate is looking to start a career in the wind farm crew transfer industry or wishes to make themselves more employable or if they work with pilot boats or safety standby vessels the  AEC would be an excellent start.

If an individual wishes to pursue a career as a private yacht engineer, they will have to follow one of the recognised qualification routes. A common progression route is the yacht certification route. This begins with the Approved Engine Course allowing a delegate to work on commercial yachts over 24m but less than 200GT and less than 1500kW as  chief engineer. It is also the stepping stone to a Marine Engine Operators License and the Y4, Y3, Y2, Y1 certificates of competency for bigger superyachts.

The AEC is an excellent introduction to the marine engine. It forms a useful base of knowledge for the leisure user or for personnel that work in the deck department that may have to understand diesel pump units or generators. It forms a recommended and possibly essential course for those in the workboat sector and is an essential course for those looking at progressing through the engineering ranks of the private yacht business.

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