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National Careers Week 2018

National Careers Week 2018

24 Jan 2018

Careers at Sea sponsors National Careers Week - and you can help to further the cause.

The Merchant Navy Training Board’s (MNTB) Careers at Sea campaign is, for the first time, sponsoring an entire day during National Careers Week (5th-10th March) and is calling on UK shipping companies to help spread the word.

Careers at Sea will be sponsoring Tidal Tuesday (6th March) and will aim to inform schools, colleges and youth groups across the UK of the opportunities at sea available to young people and the lifelong career prospects offered by the maritime industry.

"We are calling on UK shipping organisations to engage with this event and open their vessels and offices to local schools and youth groups in order to raise awareness of the shipping industry and careers at sea," says Fena Boyle, Training and Careers Manager for the MNTB, who coordinates the initiative.

"This is an opportunity for the industry to make a difference and dispel the myth once and for all that young people do not know about career prospects at sea," says Fena.

For more information about Tidal Tuesday, click here or contact Fena Boyle to find out how your company can get involved. 

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