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Fire Team Training

Duration: 1 day (there will be refreshment breaks and 1hr lunch break each day. Hot and cold beverages provided)

Fee: £2,400 (incl. VAT) per group, up to 10 delegates

Course Dates: Please contact us directly to arrange a date that is suitable for you.

This training is for clients that wish their onboard fire teams to practice and train in specific live fire areas that cannot be simulated onboard their working vessels. Full use of breathing apparatus, fire protective clothing and equipment for the duration of the training.

Perfect for shipping companies that call into The Port of Dover and only have short opportunities to train Officers and Crew.

The training covers:

  • Two separate cabins with bunk beds and cupboards – search techniques are explored
  • Internal and external doors open both towards and away – door opening techniques are covered
  • Electrical Cupboard (isolation switches etc) within one of the cabins to check that teams are aware of risks of electrocution – dummy is rigged up to wires
  • Staircases and ladders with hatches – correct use and appropriate commands covered with teams
  • Helicopter strop – for casualty handling with the hatch
  • Full smoke machine – exercises can be run hot or cold with/without full smoke
  • Two dummies, both adult and child – appropriate casualty handing and carrying techniques can be covered
  • Akron nozzles – correct use with live fire
  • Correct use of control board – calculating time on air and expected exit time
  • Correct dressing techniques – teamwork, checking for skin exposure etc
  • Pre & de-briefing methods, communication exercises
  • Hose handling techniques – coiling method with teams going up and down stairs (difficult in the dark and with full BA on so very good for team work)
  • We have a separate hot unit which can be set up outside for extinguisher training as shown in photo as well as use of fire blanket
  • Non - BA teams could incorporate some first aid training alongside extinguisher work as we have full re-sus and bandage equipment as required to Elementary first aid level
  • With use of the above, a number of scenarios can be put together:
  • BA Team training with end result extinguish fire
  • BA Team training with end result extraction of casualty. Casualty can be rigged with BA kit to simulate extra weight
  • Cold exercises can be run with only smoke for hose handling teams in full safety
  • Cold exercises can be run with first aid teams
  • Cold exercises can be held with cabin search teams with crowd control elements – live passengers can be added to cabins with ‘fear factor’

Upon completion of the course each delegate will be presented with the original certificate.

For clients that have vessels docked in The Port of Dover, crew can be transported to and from the fire ground with our transportation service.

We can also arrange flights from anywhere in the world, local accommodation and even airport transfers for course delegates. 

Course Availability

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