Bespoke Butler Training & Consultancy

Bespoke Butler Training & Consultancy

The Exclusive Butler School Trainers have the availability to travel worldwide and deliver specially tailored training programmes wherever necessary. Our Trainers all have experience working abroad and all maintain a traditional British Butler style which can bring an element of sophistication to the delivery of your service.

The Exclusive Butler School will always go out of their way to deliver a training programme to suit your required needs. The mix of experience our Butler Trainers possess means that no matter where you are or what you need, you will receive a programme to your satisfaction.

The majority of our Butler Trainers are male. However, our female Butler Trainer, Katy Ellis, is available should you require a female Butler Trainer for cultural or religious reasons.

Our courses are taught in English. However, should you wish your course to be delivered in another language, our Trainers are happy to work alongside an Interpreter.

Bespoke Training Pricing Structure:

Hourly Rate Per Trainer£120.00£200.00
5-Hour Minimum Booking£600.00£1,000.00
1-Day 8-Hours (2x4 Hour Modules)£960.00£1,600.00
2-Day 16-Hours (4x4 Hour Modules)£1,920.00£3,200.00
3-Day 24-Hours (6x4 Hour Modules)£2,880.00£4,800.00
4-Day 32-Hours (8x4 Hour Modules)£3,840.00£6,400.00
5-Day 40-Hours (10x4 Hour Modules)£4,800.00£8,000.00

Examples of Course Modules Covered:

  • Communication and Problem-Solving
  • Food and Beverage Service - Concentrating on food and drink presentations to Principles/clients
  • Grooming and Valeting Services - Including pressing suits, shirts and spit and polishing gents shoes
  • Maintenance and Care of Equipment - From crystal/glassware to silver and china
  • Private House Butler Tips and Techniques - The essential guide of working within a private house
  • Table Laying - The correct way to lay a table from scratch
  • Table Linen - Identifying cloth sizes, boxing tables and napkin folding

Please Note:

  • The above costs exclude VAT which is charged @20%. This will not be charged should the training be provided in a country where VAT is not applicable.
  • For classes up to 10 students, one Butler Trainer is required
  • An additional Butler Trainer will be required for each additional 10 students
  • Bespoke Butler Training is subject to a minimum 5-hour booking
  • If we are travelling overseas to provide training, the client would need to provide travel, transfers and accommodation for each Trainer.

Course Availability

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