STCW Updated Advanced Fire Fighting Route 1 (R1UAFF)


STCW Updated Advanced Fire Fighting Route 1 (R1UAFF)

Route 1 - This half day course is for those seeking updating training in Advanced Fire Fighting who have undergone the required training onboard ship as per the STCW Manila Amendments


During this half day theory only course you will cover the following:

  • - Effect of water used to fight fires on vessel stability
  • - Describe fire fighting procedure involving dangerous goods
  • - Describe operational use and safety considerations of fixed fire extinguishing systems on board.


Delegates will be required to sit a short exam at the end of the course.  Those that successfully pass will be issued with an MCA approved STCW Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting; Regulation VI/3, paragraph 1 and Section A-VI/3, paragraph 5 & 6 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978 as amended.



Hold an Advanced Fire Fighting certificate & have complete the UAFF self-declaration from

Please note that this does not supersede the requirement to update your Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) certificate.