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Viking Recruitment and The Maritime Skills Academy have collaborated with ChartCo Training & Consultancy, part of ChartCo, in offering their shipping, superyacht and port clients a ‘one-stop’ solution for premium maritime consultancy services and other business support services.

Our portfolio of services is summarised below but please visit our comprehensive new website for more detailed information.

Maritime Consultancy ServicesBusiness Support Services
Vessel Audits (e.g. ISM, ISPS, Navigation)Custom Data Services
Management Audits (e.g. PSC, MLC)ChartCo Passage Manager
Ports (e.g. PMSC Audits)Regs4ships Digital Maritime Regulations
ISM Safety Management Systems (Mini or Full)New Build Supply
Project Management (e.g. PSC, Gap Analysis)Outfit Management Service
Onboard Consultancy & Training ServicesPaper/Digital Charts & Publications
Reviews of Standard Operating ProceduresEquipment & Instruments
Medical Reviews & AuditsCrew/Vessel Management Services

For specific consultancy or commercial enquiries, please contact the following:

Consultancy Enquiries
Mike Symons (Head of Consultancy)
T: +44 (0) 2380 714301

Commercial Enquiries
Andrew Hair (Director)
T: +44 (0) 2380 714315

Course Availability

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